tisdag 9 september 2014

Ann Wood bird!!

Yay!  She is finished, the little tweety bird I have been making to a friend, using Ann Wood Little Bird pattern ! It was wonderful working on her and so much fun embellishing her! I will definitely make more birds. The whole kitchen table looked like a mayhem though, while I was working. I spread my whole stash of pearls and fabrics on the table, so I guess til the next bird is due I have to clean up my hobby room, so that I can work there! (Or we will be eating in the living room again...;))

söndag 7 september 2014

Foot ovens

My friend needed a pair of thick socks, in bright colours so knit up these for her. The pattern is (like so many of my projects) a free pattern from Ravelry; "foot-ovens". Really fast and fun project, I hope the recipient is pleased too! The yarn is a self striping yarn from Hjertegarn. I did the toe and heel in a solid pink. Toe up socks are really quite neat to stitch, I just knit til I ran out of yarn!

lördag 6 september 2014


The other day I received a hank of yarn I've been coveting for a veeeery long time; Malabrigo sock. Now, choosing colour was not the easiest thing, since the colourways all seemed pretty fantastic. I am very much in love with teals and blues and muted colours right now so I chose Persia. It is a bit darker than expected but very beautiful. And wonderfully soft. Would be a lovely scarf, but it is going to be socks. I'm really interested in seeing just how durable this sock yarn is, I hear rumours about it giving in rather soon, but their colourways are Simply delicious so I'm hoping for the best.

onsdag 3 september 2014

Sock challenge

Nothing like casting on a new pair of socks in a soft nicely coloured yarn! I love the anticipation; how will it look in this yarn, can I manage this pattern?
I decided to take my sock-knitting to the next level and bought the oh so lovely Socktopus (Alice Yu). I'm in love. Decided to make it a challenge for myself to try knit all seventeen patterns til end of next year! Starting with Hundred Acre Wood, a toe up with lovely leaves. Let's see how that goes!:)

Zombie socks finished!

My sons zombie-socks  (pattern available for free on Ravelry) have been finished for a while now; I love how the yarn stripes quite randomly. Son loves them too; wonderfully soft (Shepherd sock from Lornas laces, it will be interesting to see how durable this soft yarn is). Grandpa was quite puzzled; why knit socks with lotsa holes? The pattern is lovely, easy to memorize and adds a lovely elasticity and good fit to the sock. Will make in a solid or semisolid colour too!

lördag 14 juni 2014

Zombie sock beeing born

First aid nurse at a Summerfestival, hopefully everyone stays healthy, working on the Zombie sock!:) 

fredag 13 juni 2014


Got a wonderful addition to my yarn collection the other day; Zombie BBQ from Lornas laces. And now that I have finished the summer socks I can start on the hideous Zombie socks to oldest son.:)