tisdag 9 september 2014

Ann Wood bird!!

Yay!  She is finished, the little tweety bird I have been making to a friend, using Ann Wood Little Bird pattern ! It was wonderful working on her and so much fun embellishing her! I will definitely make more birds. The whole kitchen table looked like a mayhem though, while I was working. I spread my whole stash of pearls and fabrics on the table, so I guess til the next bird is due I have to clean up my hobby room, so that I can work there! (Or we will be eating in the living room again...;))

söndag 7 september 2014

Foot ovens

My friend needed a pair of thick socks, in bright colours so knit up these for her. The pattern is (like so many of my projects) a free pattern from Ravelry; "foot-ovens". Really fast and fun project, I hope the recipient is pleased too! The yarn is a self striping yarn from Hjertegarn. I did the toe and heel in a solid pink. Toe up socks are really quite neat to stitch, I just knit til I ran out of yarn!

lördag 6 september 2014


The other day I received a hank of yarn I've been coveting for a veeeery long time; Malabrigo sock. Now, choosing colour was not the easiest thing, since the colourways all seemed pretty fantastic. I am very much in love with teals and blues and muted colours right now so I chose Persia. It is a bit darker than expected but very beautiful. And wonderfully soft. Would be a lovely scarf, but it is going to be socks. I'm really interested in seeing just how durable this sock yarn is, I hear rumours about it giving in rather soon, but their colourways are Simply delicious so I'm hoping for the best.

onsdag 3 september 2014

Sock challenge

Nothing like casting on a new pair of socks in a soft nicely coloured yarn! I love the anticipation; how will it look in this yarn, can I manage this pattern?
I decided to take my sock-knitting to the next level and bought the oh so lovely Socktopus (Alice Yu). I'm in love. Decided to make it a challenge for myself to try knit all seventeen patterns til end of next year! Starting with Hundred Acre Wood, a toe up with lovely leaves. Let's see how that goes!:)

Zombie socks finished!

My sons zombie-socks  (pattern available for free on Ravelry) have been finished for a while now; I love how the yarn stripes quite randomly. Son loves them too; wonderfully soft (Shepherd sock from Lornas laces, it will be interesting to see how durable this soft yarn is). Grandpa was quite puzzled; why knit socks with lotsa holes? The pattern is lovely, easy to memorize and adds a lovely elasticity and good fit to the sock. Will make in a solid or semisolid colour too!

lördag 14 juni 2014

Zombie sock beeing born

First aid nurse at a Summerfestival, hopefully everyone stays healthy, working on the Zombie sock!:) 

fredag 13 juni 2014


Got a wonderful addition to my yarn collection the other day; Zombie BBQ from Lornas laces. And now that I have finished the summer socks I can start on the hideous Zombie socks to oldest son.:)

Finished project!

Finished my summer socks today, made from Schoeller+Stahl Cotton Stretch. Love the colours and the feel of the yarn; cosy but not too warm. Its also very stretchy so I expect them to keep their shape for quite some time. The pattern is from Drops summer collection.

lördag 22 mars 2014


Happiness is a rather elusive thing, and sometimes I feel I can be both happy and unhappy.
Lately things have been rather stressful, and in the end even beeing around people one loves tends to feel stressful.
I just yearn to cocoon myself up in my own little chamber of books and art and beautiful things. Unwind, kind of reset the system to factory settings. Start from zero. Just paint my palm and press it onto a paper just to see I leave a visible, tangible print.

So, books. Thank you mankind, for producing this multitude of literary miracles to enjoy!
Two books I've enjoyed, one for the story; The Help. What a book! This story about maids in the american south was really touching and so exiting. Filled with the bitterness of the injustice and still told with the most humane touch.
The other book is quite another story, and if it would be for just the story it would be a lousy book. But the amazing illustrations of Agatha Kawa makes the book come alive, for a brief moment. The book tells the childhood story of William Morris, one of the leaders of the Arts and Crafts movement in England. I love his designs, so this book is a nice addition to my collection of books, but i wish they would have put more effort into developing the story. But the pictures! Oh!
The swedish edition (that I have)

Yeah. These things reload my batteries. Something to be grateful for! :)

lördag 4 januari 2014

Violets are red and roses are blue...

...and sparkly! All is grey and dull outside; what better then than kitschy blue glittering roses of paper! I found this wonderful template and tutorial for paper roses and you can do millions of different projects with them. Here is my blue ....

onsdag 1 januari 2014


Christmas is a great reason to make pretty things, like paper roses from old discarded library books and cake decorations.

Mr Fox is ready!

Or has been for quite a while but Christmas came and took all my time, but here he is !