lördag 22 mars 2014


Happiness is a rather elusive thing, and sometimes I feel I can be both happy and unhappy.
Lately things have been rather stressful, and in the end even beeing around people one loves tends to feel stressful.
I just yearn to cocoon myself up in my own little chamber of books and art and beautiful things. Unwind, kind of reset the system to factory settings. Start from zero. Just paint my palm and press it onto a paper just to see I leave a visible, tangible print.

So, books. Thank you mankind, for producing this multitude of literary miracles to enjoy!
Two books I've enjoyed, one for the story; The Help. What a book! This story about maids in the american south was really touching and so exiting. Filled with the bitterness of the injustice and still told with the most humane touch.
The other book is quite another story, and if it would be for just the story it would be a lousy book. But the amazing illustrations of Agatha Kawa makes the book come alive, for a brief moment. The book tells the childhood story of William Morris, one of the leaders of the Arts and Crafts movement in England. I love his designs, so this book is a nice addition to my collection of books, but i wish they would have put more effort into developing the story. But the pictures! Oh!
The swedish edition (that I have)

Yeah. These things reload my batteries. Something to be grateful for! :)

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